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Frequently Asked Questions

Ürünlerimizi kendimiz ithal edip siz müşterilerimize en uygun fiyatı verme gayreti içerisindeyiz.

All our products are original. You can query barcodes in all of them. is our facebook page. You can check the comments of our customers who buy products from our company on our facebook address.

We ship orders on weekdays until 17:00 and Saturday until 13:30 on the same day. We are sending from Istanbul. you can check the sample cargo times from the table below.
Products and ServicesScopeDelivery Service Days Targeted Delivery Time*
(day x hour)MinimumMaximum
Branch to Branchbelow 600 kmMonday- Friday // 09:00 – 18:00 1 Working Day2 Working Day
between 600 - 1200 kmSaturday// 09:00 – 17:002 Working Day3 Working Day
above 1200 km  3 Working Day4 Working Day
Door to Branchbelow 600 km Monday- Friday // 09:00 – 18:001 Working Day3 Working Day
between 600 - 1200 kmSaturday// 09:00 – 17:002 Working Day4 Working Day
above 1200 km  3 Working Day5 Working Day
Branch to Doorbelow 600 km Monday- Friday// 09:00 – 18:00 1 Working Day3 Working Day
between 600 - 1200 km 2 Working Day4 Working Day
above 1200 km3 Working Day5 Working Day
Door to doorbelow 600 km Monday- Friday  // 09:00 – 18:00 1 Working Day4 Working Day
between 600 - 1200 km 2 Working Day5 Working Day
above 1200 km 3 Working Day6 Working Day

Why is it cheaper than the authorized dealers of Joyetech, Eleaf, Smok etc. brands? First of all, let's say that there is no authorized dealer. The sale of such products is prohibited in our country. Stores selling as if it were an authorized dealer based on completely lies are selling products at exorbitant prices. You can buy the same product for less.

After the order, the cargo tracking is processed until 19:30 on the same day. You can log into the system with your e-mail address and look at your cargo tracking number from my orders section. In addition, the mail is sent to your e-mail address when cargo tracking numbers are processed. In case you enter your e-mail address incorrect or incomplete, you can write your live support section and find out your cargo tracking number.

Some cargoes do not open the cargo bag and this has nothing to do with us. Of course, it is good for our customers to open and check the bag and to keep a record of any problems. If you receive the cargo from the cargo branch, an official e-mail is sent to the cargo branch and opened accordingly.

To create a membership account, you can enter your information by clicking on the My Account section next to the Cart screen and clicking Continue to Create Account section. You can also click on Create an account for the next order after you enter your details during the purchase.

It is not recommended to charge the products with a mobile phone or car charger. This is why only the USB cable is included in all products. USB cables are for software update. We also recommend that you buy and use a battery charger. If you have to use a mobile phone and a car charger, you should use 1 or a maximum of 1.5 amps. Otherwise, your device may burn.

Free shipping is available in the form of money order / EFT payment for purchases of 150 TL or more.

The devices that have deteriorated within 15 days have the right to return and exchange. In case of such deterioration, the product is examined in our technical service. If there is no liquid contact to the device, no impact, if the device is not charged with a mobile phone charge, the product is replaced or refunded if it is a deterioration due to device defect. Fluid contact, pulsed dropped or mobile phone charged devices are not covered by the warranty.

Payment methods include Shipping; Cash + 10tl at the door, credit card + 13tl at the door, remittance / eft + 5tl. 5% discount is available for all orders created by wire transfer / eft. You can choose from the order completion screen. There is no price difference in payment at the door and payment at Yurtiçi Kargo branch. The tariff determined by the Domestic Cargo for cash at the door; 5tl cargo fee, 5tl fee is the collection fee.

Gift coupons are sent to registered users at certain times of the year such as holidays and Christmas. In addition,, customers who share the comments about the devices purchased is sent exclusively. Gift coupon usage is entered as the last step in Use Coupon Code when creating an order and the order is approved. Coupons are for single use only.


If a new order is entered for adding or changing a product, the old order must be canceled. The content of any order cannot be changed by us. Product exchange cannot be made in the orders that are cargoed. For all orders, the address must not be shipped for change of address. Orders can be changed when your cargo reaches the distribution branch. You can reach us for all your change requests via Phone - Live Support - Whatsapp.


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